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I thought we had filled up whatever was possible as regards all the St Peter's Magazines that were out there. It turns out that there are a few left as someone investigating the life of Author Michael Gilbert came across the Christmas 1927 magazine. He very kindly noticed that we didn't have it so sought me out and sent us the magazine which I have scanned and uploaded. Does anyone else have more missing copies? This particular magazine has the original School Song verbatim which certainly dates it!
We have decided that the effort required to organise our Reunions is not paid off with a satisfactory response that is commensurate with that effort! As a result we have decided that the Reunions organised over the last 30 years will not be repeated. However, if anyone wishes to organise a reunion in a similar or different format covering periods of years or perhaps specific parts of the country or, indeed, other countries, Webmaster would be happy to help in whatever way he can. This is a sad state of affairs but with all of us growing older (some more than others!) either the travelling is just too far or there is simply no interest. Most of us have happy memories of our Prep School years whilst a few would rather forget and some are even of the opinion that our memory should be wiped off the face of the earth (a very sad and negative thought!).
Either way, whilst I still have breath, I shall continue to operate the website and happy to add any news or memorabilia that anyone cares to send to me. - Stephen Kent
Joy Farebrother
We are sorry to report that Joy Farebrother, dear wife of Tim Farebrother, died on 26th September 2019.
The funeral, which was well attended, was held on 15th October.
Our commiserations go to Tim and his family. Further information can be found in the 'Message Board' page of this website.

This website has been operating for ten years now and has proved to be very enjoyable bringing back memories for many. Following the Reunion held in May 2010, Tim Farebrother brought together Hugh Champion (a cousin of his), his brother Nigel and Stephen Kent (another Old Boy) who all had a desire to see the Association continue. To this end, it was agreed that a web-site was the only real way for any old boys to have access to each other and for the Association to have a presence.

Those of you who have any sort of interest whether as a boy at the school, a master, mistress, matron or indeed parent might wonder what happened to all those you knew and perhaps have sadly forgotten. Hopefully the Reunions that have been arranged over the years have kept some in touch but many have moved on whether simply to a new address or rather more permanently!

The Web-site developed quite quickly. As you can see there are links above to various pages (and sub-pages) enabling you to view pictures that some of you have provided or allowed us to scan. You can read a short "History" of the school and also read pieces sent in by old boys within the "Messages Board". This provides a means of contact for those friends you may have lost touch with long ago. We have added the database of old boys and staff within a secure area of the site. This comprises details of those, who have agreed, can be included. If you haven't already, we ask you to complete the "Registration Form" and at the same time make contact by email with whatever memories come flooding back or any other interesting comments you would like to make!

We have scanned quite a number of magazines and these can be found by clicking on 'Magazines' above. It would be brilliant if we could expand the library further so if you have any that fill gaps, particularly the earlier years, please contact Stephen Kent (contact information below).

We know most old boys missed out on the auction when everything was sold in 1982 when the school closed. It would be wonderful to include photos on the website of some of the most memorable items such as the shell cases, school flag or a complete set of school uniform for a start!
It would be great to know where some of these items went. At the reunions many Old Boys ask what happened to 'such and such' and most of the time we have no idea. We would love to know. There are some items in the Seaford Museum in the Martello Tower on the sea front including the War Memorial and some stained glass windows from the Chapel and a few pieces of memorabilia. Worth a visit if you are visiting Seaford. If you haven't been there for a few years, you may wonder what happened to the shingle beach - it is now built up to just about road level - amazing!

Finally, we have a small number of items for sale that may or may not be of interest. Do click on "Shop" above and find out what there is- not a lot but if you have lost your old boy's tie (or as some of you showed us at the last reunion, it may have disintegrated in the intervening years) or would like to have copies of various DVDs and/or CDs of St Peter's recorded history or 'Sixty Years On' (a recording made in 1977 including not only singing but also the voices of many St Peter's staff which will bring a lump to your throat!) then this is the place to go.
War Memorial

The St Peter's War Memorial to be found at the Seaford Museum.

Stephen Kent 1961Contact Stephen Kent (Web master) by emailing him on Stephen Kent recent
or by sending material to him at 2 Clarence Road, Hunstanton, Norfolk PE36 6EG
Tel No : 01485 534200

In addition you can contact:

Tim Farebrother (1953-1958) at 12 Croft Lane, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 1SA
Tel No : 01323 893692 Email : and his brother

Nigel Farebrother (1949-1953) at 55 Newhall Street, Swindon, Wilts SN1 5QS
Tel No : 01793 644635 also

Hugh Champion (1958-1963) at Lovel House, Upton Lovell, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 0JP
Tel No : 01985 850284, Mob No : 07747 036715

Aerial view of St Peter's circa 1970
thanks to Simon Brown

Aerial view of St Peter's circa 1970
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