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Reunions have been held every couple of years for the last almost thirty years. The most recent one was on 23rd October 2018 at The Cavalry & Guards Club in Piccadilly, London
with 40 old boys and staff attending. This was another highly successful event enjoyed by all those who attended.

The invitation that went out for the next reunion is as follows :
Invitation October 2018 Reunion

and a couple of photos taken on the evening:
The Reunion 2018

The Reunion 2018

REUNION HELD ON TUESDAY, 23rd October 2018
The following is a list of names (41 in all) of those who attended the reunion on Tuesday, 23rd October 2018 - this covers virtually every year from 1943 through to closure:

Tim Drabble 1943-48
Nicholas Hurry 1944-48
Tony Herbert 1949-53
Nigel Farebrother 1950-54
Stuart Dowding 1952-57
Jeremy Willis 1952-57
John Hodgson 1953-57
Michael Jack 1953-58
Anthony Stancomb + Ivana 1953-58
David Willis 1954-58
Dr Michael Davies 1954-59
Jeremy Glyn 1954-59
Tim Blackstone 1955-59
David Drabble 1955-60
Charles Gray 1955-60
Stephen Kent + Sheila 1955-61
Rob Rayner 1956-61
Lieut Gen Sir Robert Fulton 1957-61
Rupert Hardy 1959-64
Timothy Saloman 1959-64
Christopher Barrow 1960-66
James Barrow 1961-65
Julian Browne + Jennifer 1960-66
Jeremy Strutt 1962-67
Michael Kavanagh 1963-68
Simon Sampson 1965-70
Rev Ian Scott-Thompson 1965-70
Alex Campbell 1968-73
Hugh Rivington 1968-73
Stephen Allen (1969-74
George Matthews 1970-72
John Purefoy 1970-75
Charles Craig Harvey 1971-76
Simon Pratt 1970-75
Ben Kent 1973-78
Andrew Haynes 1974-79
Bernadette Mortiboy (Matron) 1978-80
Alidad Barzegar 1978-82

The following had indicated that they would be there but sadly did not manage to attend.

Capt Owen Scholte 1937-40
Charles Barrow 1959-64
John Glendyne (Nivison) 1968-74
Rupert Guy 1970-75
Nicholas Moor (Staff) 1970-76

We also received a number of 'declines' some of whom have very generously sent a cheque to ensure the party went off with a swing! They were Peter Bevan, Greville Tufnell, Richard Rastall and Jeremy Roughton. Thank you.
REUNION HELD ON TUESDAY, 22nd September 2015
Due to a possible Railway strike we decided to postpone the reunion that was originally planning for Tuesday, 26th May 2015. We rearranged for this to take place on Tuesday, 22nd September 2015:
Those who attended:

Robin Kernick (1935-41) London
Nigel Blake (1939-45) Leigh, Kent
Tim Drabble (1943-48) Billingshurst
Nick Hurry (1944-48) Barnes, London
Tony Herbert (1949-53) Fulham, London
Nigel Farebrother (1950-54) Swindon, Wilts
Jeremy Roughton (1953-54) Cromer, Norfolk
Michael Courage (1950-55) Basingstoke
Tim De Zoete (1951-55) London
Christopher Powell-Brett (1949-55) London
Charles Stancombe (1950-55) Chichester
Malcolm Churchill (1951-56) Richmond
Stuart Dowding (1952-57) Taunton, Somerset
John Hodgson (1953-57) London
Tim Farebrother (1953-58) Seaford, Sussex
Tim Blackstone (1955-59) London
David Drabble (1955-60) Taunton, Somerset
Charles Gray (1955-60) Farnham
Sir Robert Fulton (1957-61) London
Stephen Kent (1955-61) Hunstanton, Norfolk
Christopher Hutton-Williams (1957-61) Woodbridge
Rob Rayner (1956-61) Maidstone
Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs (1957-62) France?
Hugh Ligertwood (1958-63) Wantage
Charles Barrow (1959-64) Hungerford
Christopher Barrow (1960-66) Hungerford
Christopher West (1962-67) Buntingford, Hants
Michael Kavanagh (1963-68) Uckfield, East Sussex
Simon Sampson (1965-70) Cambridge
Ian Scott-Thompson (1965-70) Colchester
George Matthews (1970-72) Stockport
Steve Allen (1969-74) London
Alan Chaplin (1969-74) Eastbourne
Stephen Arnott (1971-75) Marlborough
David Erskine-Hill (1970-75) Petersfield
Simon Pratt (1970-75) Winchester, Hants
Charles A Craig Harvey (1971-76) Winchester
Nicholas Moor (1970-76) Hinstock, Shropshire
Alistair Popham (1971-76) Leatherhead, Surrey
Piers Bishop (1974-79) London
Bernadette Mortiboy (1978-80) Church Stretton
Alasdair Pattinson (1975-80) London
Rupert Burgoyne (1976-81) Wivelsfield
Richard Hunnisett (1975-81) Warbleton, East Sussex
Guy Thomas (1977-82) Chipstead, Surrey

A number had planned on attending, some even having paid for their tickets but unfortunately were unable to attend.

A combined photo of the assembled company is included below.
Sorry to some of you for whom parts of your anatomy have been surgically removed!
Old Boys Reunion 2015
We must also thank Susan Gregory who kindly lent us a replica of the Imperial Shield that we won in 1928 and we had on display at the reunion and which many found interesting.

Photos and lists of Old Boys attending the reunion, 22nd Oct 2013:

This is a combination of two photos hence the odd carpet pattern!

Speaker's view of attended company

The following attended on 22nd October 2013; 54 old boys/staff in total.
These are in the order that they left St Peter's making it easier to find those who were at St Peter's at the same time as you. We have also added where they live so you can look out for those you never knew lived just a couple of miles down the road!
Perhaps you might be kicking yourselves for not attending. By all accounts it was great fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

William Warre (1935-39) London
Roddy Carritt (1936-40) Petersfield
Owen Scholte (1937-40) Sherborne
Robin Kernick (1935-41) London
Peter Bevan (1936-41) Sherborne
Col Greville Tufnell (1939-45) Cirencester
Peter Harvey (and wife, Julia) (1940-45) London
Timothy Drabble (1943-48) Billingshurst
Nicholas Hurry (1944-48) Barnes, London
Michael Nicholson (1949-54) Sedgeford, Hunstanton
Nigel Farebrother (1950-54) Swindon
Christopher Powell-Brett (1949-55) London
Michael Courage (1950-55) Basingstoke
Jack Hanning (1951-55) Strasbourg, France
Tim de Zoete (1951-55) London
Charles Stancomb (1950-55) Chichester
Malcolm Churchill ((1951-56) Richmond, London
Stuart Dowding (1952-57) Taunton
John Hodgson (1953-57) London
Tim Farebrother (1953-58) Seaford
Anthony Stancomb (1953-58) London
Michael Davies (1954-59) Putney, London
David Drabble (1955-60) Taunton
Charles Gray (1955-60) Farnham
Christopher Nixon (1955-60) Silsoe, Beds
Barry Jamieson (1956-60) Wantage
Stephen (and wife, Sheila) Kent (1955-61) Hunstanton
Rob Rayner (1956-61) Maidstone
Jonathan Clarke (1958-62) Ansty, West Sussex
Hugh Barrett (1958-63) London
Alain (and wife, Sue) Ridley (1957-63) Southampton
Hugh Champion (1958-63) Warminster
Charles Barrow (1959-64) Hungerford
Antony Barrow (1959-65) London
Robin Buchanan (1960-65) London
James Barrow (1961-65) London
Christopher Barrow (1960-66) Hungerford
Matthew Hutton (1962-66) Chedgrave, Norfolk
Jeremy Strutt (1962-66) Bradfield
Nicholas Kitto (1963-67) Hong Kong (yes - Hong Kong!)
Nicholas Wentworth-Stanley (1963-67) London
Hugo Bovill (1966-71) Bury St Edmunds
Stephen Langer (1967-71) Sedlescombe, Battle
Alastair Buchanan (1967-72) Newbury
Hugh Rivington (1968-73) Ipswich
Stephen Allen (1969-74) Clapham, London
Hugo Binney (1968-74) Burwash, Etchingham
Tom Blake (1969-74) London
Alan Chaplin (1969-74) Eastbourne
Christopher Wentworth-Stanley (1970-74) Vienna, Austria
Nicholas Moor (1970-76) Hinstock
Andrew Haynes (1974-79) London
Will Harrison-Wallace (1976-80) London)
Bernadette Mortiboy (Asst Matron) (1978-80) Church Stretton

The following booked to come but did not manage it:
Robert Fulton (1957-61) London
Andrew Sells (1957-62) Chippenham
Christopher Birrell (1962-67) Clapham, London
Simon Sampson (1965-70) Cambridge
Rupert Guy (1970-75) Marlow
Simon Pratt (1970-75) Winchester
John Blake (1978-1982) Faringdon

In addition, the following were unable to attend but made a generous donation towards the costs:
Rupert Burgoyne (1976-81) Wivelsfield
Charles Barrett (1976-82) Ipswich
Charles Bowring (1963-69) Liphook
Other photos of the reunion (thanks to Jack Hanning - perhaps others took some snaps on their mobiles? Do let me have them):

Jack Hanning and Tim Farebrother enjoying themselves
Jack Hanning and Tim Farebrother enjoying themselves

Stephen Kent and Tim Farebrother speech
Stephen Kent and Tim Farebrother speech

Reunion 2013

Reunion 2013

The following attended the reunion in May 2012.

Robin Kernick (1935-41)
Gerald Spring Rice (1936-39)
Roddy Carritt (1936-40)
Capt Owen Scholte (1937-40)
Nigel Blake (1939-45)
Col Greville Tufnell (1939-45)
Peter Alexander (1944-49)
Richard Kent (1947-53)
Nick Hurry (1944-48)
Michael Nicholson (1949-54)
Nigel Farebrother (1950-54)
Michael Courage (1950-55)
Charles Stancombe (1950-55)
Tim de Zoete (1951-55)
John Hodgson (1953-57)
Tim Farebrother (1953-58)
Anthony Stancombe (1953-58)
Christopher Blatherwick (1954-58)
David Willis (1954-58)
Michael Davies (1954-59)
Colin Elliott (1955-59)
Mick Hodgson (1955-59)
David Drabble (1955-60)
Major Charles Gray (1955-60)
Christopher Lockhart-Mummery (1955-60)
Cate Browell (1957-60)
Rob Rayner (1956-61)
The Lord Kilmaine (John Browne) (1956-61)
Richard Willis (1956-61)
Andrew Sells (1957-62)
Hugh Champion (1958-63)
Hugh Ligertwood (1958-63)
Charles Barrow (1959-64)
Antony Barrow (1959-65)
Robin Buchanan (1960-65)
James Barrow (1961-65)
Christopher Barrow (1960-66)
Christopher Birrell (1962-67)
Jonathan Gage (1962-67)
Nicholas Burgess (1963-67)
Charles Bowring (1963-69)
Simon Sampson (1965-70)
Hugo Bovill (1966-71)
Mark Varney (1966-71)
Nicholas Fisher (1968-72)
Tom Prest (1968-72)
Hugh Rivington (1968-73)
James Johnston (1970-73)
Simon Moss (1969-74)
Rupert Guy (1970-75)
Ivan Scholte (1970-75)
Simon Pratt (1970-75)
John Purefoy (1970-75)
Guy Varney (1970-75)
Stephen Arnott (1971-75)
Nicholas Moor (1970-76) (Director of Music)
Mark Browning (1971-76)
Nicholas Liddell (1971-76)
James McGrigor (1971-76)
James Brooke (1972-77)
Benjamin Kent (1973-78)
George Barrett (1975-79)
Alasdair Pattinson (1975-80)
Bernadette Mortiboy (1978-80) (Under Matron)
Hon Anthony Gordon-Lennox (1977-82)*
Alidad Barzegar (1978-82)
Charles Barrett (1976-82)
Joy Farebrother (1978-82) (Catering Supervisor)
Manuel de Souza-Girao (1979-82)*

* Unfortunately did not attend (only the 2).

Col Peter Harvey was coming but was subsequently unable to attend.
Likewise Webmaster Stephen Kent was unable to attend, due to family bereavement.
Also Barry Jameson and Rupert Burgoyne declined but very kindly sent a donation.


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