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Rather than creating a Facebook type discussion board, we thought it would be best to manage it manually and post emailed messages, questions and answers from old boys and staff onto the board.
This would enable people to pass on memories of their time at St Peters and provide a certain amount of enjoyment for all.
Questions concerning contact with old boys and staff who do not appear on the 'Contact' pages can be sent to one of us who will pass it on to them if we can. It is then up to that member to contact you.
The italic pieces at the end of most entries are either the response sent to the member or a simple comment

From Message
Hon Seymour Fortescue
Old Boy 1950-55
Posted 26 March 2023
Stuart Dowding notified Tim Farebrother of the death of Symour Fortescue who died on 14th March 2023.
He was the third son of the 6th Earl Fortescue MC TD (1893-1977) by his 2nd m 1941 to Hon Sybil Mary HARDINGE (d 1985).
Head of Barclaycard and Chief Executive of the Portman Group and of Castle Hill, Devon.
His last jobs were as chairman of the Short-term Lending Compliance Board, set up to raise standards in the mushrooming “payday lending” sector, and as a consultant to the World Bank – for which he travelled extensively, again addressing issues relating to migrant remittances.
He was a governor of Oundle School, a member of the council of London University, chairman of BookPower, treasurer of the leprosy charity Lepra, and a past master of the Grocers’ Company. Seymour Fortescue loved tennis, adventurous long-distance walks, and gardening at his homes in Herefordshire and Provence.
extracts from Peerage News
Roger Ellis
Old Boy 1938-43
Posted 26 March 2023
Stuart Dowding also advised Tim Farebrother of the death of Roger Ellis who died on 14 February 2023. Head of Rossall School (1967-72) and Marlborough College (1972-86) and Chairman of the Headmasters' Conference.
Marlborough College was the first boys' public school in England to admit girls, and in March 1974 Ellis told The New York Times that "The senior boys had a strong social need for the idea, and the girls clearly had a civilizing effect on them".
Joy Farebrother
Dear wife of Tim Farebrother (Old Boy 1953-58) and members of staff
Posted 21st Oct 2019
We were very sad to report that Joy Farebrother died quite suddenly on 26th September aged 87.
Her funeral was held on Tuesday, 15th October.
Happily, Tim's daughter, Georgina, was married just a few days after the funeral thus providing a happier diversion from an extremely distressing time for Tim and the whole family.
Joy took over as Catering Manager at St Peter's from Tim's mother (Margaret) who, herself, died in 2006.
Stephen Kent
Peter Daniell
Old Boy 1975-78
Posted 18th Jan 2017
I was very pleased to have come across the St Peter's website a couple of months ago, and thank you very much for putting it all together. I was there from 1975 - 1978, before going on to Malvern College, Portsmouth Polytechnic (BA in Russian and Soviet Studies) and then Sandhurst. 17 years in the Royal Engineers and I am now living the expat dream in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!
But when I was back in UK over Christmas, I did as instructed and rifled through some of my old photos. Thought you might be able to make use of this one, attached, from 1977. For your information, I am the one with black hair standing behind Mr Steel's right shoulder!
I'll send some more if I find any. Strange also seeing some of my works in the school magazines!
Thanks again,
Peter Daniell

You must be one of few that set a New Year's resolution and carried out what you 'were instructed'. It was great to be able to add a missing photo and a good one at that. You have now advised that you are in the first standing row, seven from the right!Thank you!? Keep searching for those missing school photos.
Tom Blake
Old Boy 1969-74
Posted 9th Nov 2016
OBITUARY - TNS Blake (St P: 1939-45) died on October 31st 2016, aged 84. Nigel was one of those at school in the war who actually spent very little time in Seaford. After the Germans ran through Belgium and the Netherlands in early 1940 the school was evacuated and reassembled initially in Cornwall and then in Castle Hill, North Devon.
At St Peter’s Nigel was often to be found on the games field where he won colours in cricket, rugby and football as well as being the school’s premier boxer. (At some point in his school life he earned the nickname “punchy”.)
Nigel followed his brother Peter (PDS) from St Peter’s to Eton and after 13 years with the Rifle Brigade he settled in Kent and joined the wine trade. His three sons also went to St Peter’s and Eton. Like he and his brother his sons were all proud Reds.

Sorry to hear this sad news from Tom but grateful that we have been kept informed.
Stephen Kent
Old Boy 1955-61
Posted 13th Jan 2015
Can't quite believe that I added nothing to this page last year particularly as my wife and I visited Castle Hill in September.
We had a walk around the grounds (The Earl and Countess of Arran were entertaining some American visitors, I understand) so could not see inside. However, we did have a chat with the Estate Officer - Margaret Pine. She was able to dig out a photo off her computer which was the same as one we already have on this website in Photo Gallery - School & Team Photos. I have included a few photos of the exterior that we took in case of interest to some of our older 'old boys'. Click here to view a separate page for Castle Hill which incorporates an invitation to those old boys who spent some of their St Peter's career at Castle Hill to visit.

Let us see if we can add a few more pieces of interest to this page this year - PLEASE!
Will Harrison-Wallace
Old Boy 1976-80
Posted 17th Oct 2013
I was having a mooch on the site and came across the photo of me as Thisbe/Flute in MSND.
Funnily enough I played Bottom earlier this year - after a complete change of direction in career I trained to be an actor 3 years ago and have been board treading since.
The names of the cast in the photo came readily to mind - if you don't have a record I can supply.
I will aim to keep the date of the reunion free and try to be there.
Best Wishes, Will Harrison-Wallace
Sorry it took me a month to get this onto the website! Webmaster is not doing very well! Glad we saw you at the reunion on 22nd Oct.
Peter Stanbury
Old Boy 1968-69
Posted 17th Oct 2013
I’m an old boy from St. Peter’s (1968 – 1969). Just found the St. Peter’s Old Boy Association web site...and thought a few readers there might also recall a some of these events...
1) Watching the Moon landings live on TV at the school, July 1969. This must have been very near end of term. I recall we were woken up at 2am to see Neil Armstrong on the Moon, as Mr Fairbrother thought it important that we witnessed such a historic event.
2) The school ‘mountain’. I remember it being built, though it wasn’t until I saw the photo of it on the Old Boys website that I remembered there had been a door in the side of it. It’s strange how a photo can bring back long forgotten memories. I recall a Mr Baldwin, I think it was, who was in charge of all the equipment inside the mountain. I myself never went up the mountain...I was too scared of heights ! Ironic for someone who was later to become an avid mountain lover and do most of the mountains in the Lake District and Scotland.
3) The radio broadcast live from the school church. I recall that us boys were taught a newly composed tune ( not the usual one ) for ‘All things bright and beautiful’, which we sang live on the radio ( I forget the exact radio program and date ). this day I still recall the tune we were taught.
I even found myself in the Summer 1968 school photo. I’m the dark haired boy 6th from the right in the third row from the front.
Oh, and I still have, 45 years later, the wooden bowl that I made in woodwork lessons.
Regards, Peter Stanbury
Sorry it took me a month to get this onto the website! Hope you will complete the Registration Form to be found on a link on the front page and maybe you can come to the reunion next week?
Rev Canon Peter Blake and Tom Blake
Old Boys 1935-40 and 1969-74
Posted 13th Oct 2013
Tom reports that his uncle, Peter Blake, who died a couple of years ago was a bit of a schoolboy hero, captaining the school at everything, holding athletics records and being boxing champion. He carried on at Eton and Oxford and got his cricket cap at Sussex. But while serving with the Green Jackets guarding Nazis at post-war trials, he was so deeply affected by his experiences and the horrors that had been carried out that he gradually committed himself to the Church; he then left for Africa in the early 50s. His brother Nigel (St Peter's: 39-45) was no mean sportsman and a little of this rubbed off on us three – Tom (69-74), Will (72-77) and John (77-81).

Thank you Tom for bringing the Cups and Certificate to the Reunion. Now photographed and posted up on Memorabilia page and 1930s and 1940s pages of Team and School Photos.
Alastair Beck
Old Boy 1968-72
Posted 18th May 2013
Tim Farebrother reports that Alastair died very recently aged only about 53 sadly just two weeks after his mother. He leaves a widow and children.
His funeral is being held on Friday, 24th May 2013 at St Michael and All Angels, Bedford Park, Bath Road, Chiswick, London W4 1TT at 11.30am.

Andrew Norman
Old Boy 1959-64
Posted 5th February 2013
Here is a photo of Hugo Richardson and me taken last September at Hugo's place in Wiltshire. Hugo is on the right and is very trim and fit. I am on the left with the moustache and bald head (just like my father). Hugo and I had not seen each other since 1963. Interestingly, we both decided to go into the law. Hugo is a very successful solicitor and has five kids who I believe are all pretty much grown up.
Please keep up the work with the website, I very much enjoy reading the old magazines and looking at the photos. Thank goodness for the Internet !!!
Best regards, Andrew Norman

One hears of other reunions, some with just two old boys, others with large groups.Reunion Sept 2012
Do let us hear about them and a photo perhaps?
Howard Talbot
Old Boy 1956-61
Posted 15th Nov 2012
Sorry to advise that Howard Talbot died last Sunday, 11th November following a stroke a year and a half ago, partial paralysis and finally vascular dementia, living out his final days in a nursing home. Our sympathies go out to Christine and her family.

It comes as a bit of a shock to start losing friends you were at school with.
Simon Moss
Old Boy 1969-74
Posted 14th Nov 2012
My daughter, (aged 11) had to ask me about how school was when I was her age as part of her homework. Here's a few gentle reminders, from '69-'74:
What colour was Napoleons white horse? Doughnuts and hot chocolate on Sundays; MHF's squeaky shoes; Those weird red swimming trunks; MHF's birthday magic show; The firework displays; Alternate feature and documentary films on Saturdays; Clarkie; Miss Jarrett; Form 7 making a balsa wood Windsor Castle; Mr Norbury's eye patch; Double blacks; The 'bacon slicer'; A royal visit from the Shah of Iran (I think!); 6 kids hanging off Jerry Baldwin in judo; Winco's bent finger; Learning 'Willy, Willy, Harry, Steve'...and still knowing it now; The documentary made about the school; Seaford was a rotten borough'; Mrs Fairbrothers meringues; MHF's pet chameleon; My school number (I still use it as a PIN!); Conquering the Matterhorn.
I hope these brought back some happy memories for you all - they have for me!
Best, Simon Moss (White, 69-74)

Simon remembers some things I don't recall. I guess MHF's shoes were a few years older than when I was there! My swimming trunks were blue; but then I was a blue and they certainly were weird (the trunks not us blues)!
Chris West
Old Boy 1962-67
Posted 7th Sept 2012
My memories of St Peter’s are, in truth, mixed. I don’t approve of sending kids away aged 8. However I do think the school had a good ethos. I’m a historian and writer, now, and owe (in part at least) that to the love of those subjects shown by Mike Farebrother.
Happy memories? Sitting in a classroom hearing that motor mower outside and knowing I’d be playing cricket that afternoon. Goalkeeping: saving a blinding shot from Lucas II and his powerful right foot. Our production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (the lights dimming, Mendelssohn fading up over the sound system). Getting teachers onto ‘red herrings’: especially David Powers who could often be induced to tell stories of climbing expeditions in the Alps. On the subject of climbing, trips to the cliffs at Bowles, especially if driven there by Bill Bailleau, who would fulminate at other drivers as we sped along. Mike Farebrother’s kindness when a dear uncle of mine died when I was about ten. The best history lessons, when our nation’s past came alive. School films in the gym, especially when the projector went wrong. End of term fun: PP and the school song.
I was certainly very sad to turn up at St Peter’s one day with a girlfriend, eager to show her where I’d spent five years of my life, to find a housing estate! (We went and had fish and chips on the sea-front instead.)
All the best, Chris West

Clearly you have some vivid memories, Chris. Like many who have tried to visit St Peter's and are sadenned by the lack of anything except a housing estate - we shall have to live with those happy memories.
Barney Branston
Old Boy 1977-82
Posted 11th May 2012
Having checked the photo of 1982 officers, I can identify ....
I had a wonderful dinner last night with Ant Gordon-Lennox, Ash Butler, Fergus Williams and Hugo Bedford; Amos Courage blew us out at the last minute. Memory Lane was rather crowded! I alerted them all to the website and also to next week's reunion, which I remain unable to attend.
Hope it goes well,
Kind regards, Barney Branston

Thanks for providing names on the 1982 Officers photo. Also great to hear that some old boys do clearly maintain contact and even meet up for a meal. Sorry you won't be at the reunion; perhaps those you met up with last night might consider joining Ant and the growing party of almost 60 next Thursday. Not too late!
Harry Liddell
Old Boy 1935-38
Posted 28th April 2012
Just to let you know the mag (1938) arrived back here safely (many thanks), which prompted me to read it again for the first time in many years. My memories were stirred in particular by the names and initials of the many staff members featured, though surprisingly I did not locate a reference to A.Q. Robinson. surely the most charismatic of the lot. He was that most unusual of masters, one who could make Latin interesting and was thus mainly responsible for getting me through Common Entrance; tall and spare of frame, and tending to move in a rather jerky manner, he was thus known as 'Robot', sometimes abbreviated to 'Clank'. A year after I left he organised and led a party of old boys on a cycling holiday in Belgium, an experience which came to an unfortunate end when one of our party lost control descending a steep hill in the Ardennes and crashed his bike - fortunately without injury to himself. However I remain eternally grateful for the experience, for with war only a few weeks away it would be some years before anything similar could even be contemplated.
Re the war, yes I was in the RAF 1942-46 and went back to Oxford after demob. However, following graduation I found that aviation had got into my blood and so returned to the Service (civilian flying jobs being hard to find), where I remained until retirement in late '82.
My youngest brother would have been at St Peters in '44, must look for a mention of him if magazines of that vintage are on the website. I think he was still with the school when it moved back from Devon to Seaford.
Wonder what happened to all that 16mm film of school activities shot by BLT?
All the Best-

I am so pleased that memories have been jogged in such a good way from so long ago. Anyone know where BLT's 16mm film ended up? Also, we do need to find more magazines - please review the list of magazines appearing on the "Magazines" pages and see if you can fill some gaps. Thanks.
Patrick Goldsworthy
Old Boy 1967-72
Posted 23rd Feb 2012
I would love to know a bit more about our former masters, the food …I suppose I could try and start this ball rolling:
St Peter’s Revisited…

Billy Beaulieu’s huge roars of “Heave” to encourage the Blues tug of war team, we rarely lost while I was there, I think it was Billy’s roar that inspired us. Presenting flowers to the head boy’s mother on sports day (I was the youngest boy in the school that summer term). Toady Rowland’s legendary sixes in the staff v pupil’s cricket matches. The Pud’s (Michael Farebrother) whistling in the corridor, Clarkie’s Gees linctus, long trousers when you were five foot tall, the excitement of boils, stys and hot salty water; snap dragons and squashing red spider mites on window sills, sausages on Sunday with marmalade, end of term PP, Reggie Evan’s sodium and water experiment and his incandescent nose. Diana Backwell Smith resting her cleavage on those tall desks. Wingco’s legendary “there’s a strong smell of boy in here”, Mr Profit’s flying chalk, the Biggles book with brown stains that were supposed to be diarrhoea such vivid imaginations, the WC ritual during rep, being caned for fetching a ball out of the shooting range on a Sunday, illicit and sickly smokes of CRJ’s cigars, Carry on films, the Sands of Iwo Jima again; Judo and Carpentry with Gerry Baldwin and his tomato ketchup story.
Somehow I missed putting this contribution up onto this page until now (3rd May) - sorry Patrick. These are real memories. Many thanks. Anyone got any more?
Roland E King
Old Boy 1943-48
Posted 24th November 2011
I finally got my wheelchair down to our garage and had a highly successful rummage. Thanks to my mother, who passed away many years ago, I found a number of items which she had stowed away in a box and which I didn’t know existed. These included a complete set of all my school reports since 1943, several sports programmes with contestants’ names, my first letter from Castle Hill to my parents and a collection of photographs of the whole school during the period I was there as well as a number of small photos taken with my Brownie camera, an undated Christmas card from Seaford, a train label for end of term travel by train from Filleigh, and Rugby, Shooting, Fives and Boxing honours lists Easter 1948.

Needless to say looking at these records brought back a flood of memories of which I shall name but a few: on the food front, junket or blancmange, marrow marmalade, the Sunday joint carved by BLT, powdered scrambled egg (it took me a long time to get used to real eggs), macaroni cheese, and last but not least Pig’s Paradise and the early stir of the plum pudding; and on other fronts, rushing to Clarkie’s room to hear the nightly Dick Barton radio emission, Willy Parkin’s thumb which Clarkie bandaged with Colman’s mustard to stop him sucking it, snaring rabbits at Castle Hill, rationing of sweets and particularly Polo mints, bicycle rides, roller-skating, standing on cubicles, my N°55 peg in the changing room (where we witnessed a hilarious event when one of us sat on the hot stove and leapt off with a tortoise mark on his bottom), Norberry’s steam engine, a caning by Pat Knox-Shaw in his study (would this be suable nowadays?), the first biro I saw in BLT’s sherry-smelling office, morning duty and last but not least, the ex service masters such as Colonel Collins, Commander Axten (Commax), Captain Woodward, Major Appleby and no doubt others I cannot recall.

I certainly hope that some more old boys will contribute to the 1940-1950 decade. I would love to know what became of the likes of Farquharson, Nick Hurry, Tim Drabble, Willy Parkin, Jennings, Granville, Combe (my fives partner), the Hobday brothers, McInnes, the Lipscombs, Adam Blandy, Joe Studholm et al. With this in mind, I attach a summary of my career.

Winchester 1949-54; RN National Service 1954-56, Sub Lt. Articled to W.E.Parker, Price Waterhouse & Co, London 1956; A.C.A. 1962; moved to Brussels 1963; partner in European firm of PW 1967; moved to Paris 1973 to become senior Partner of the firm’s French practice in 1981, as well as responsibility for Spain, Portugal and, later , Francophone Africa; president of The British Chamber of Commerce in France 1986-1988, after serving as treasurer and director for several years; Pres. of the British Luncheon 1916 in Paris 1988; moved back to Brussels 1988 to create and head up PW’s 1992 E.C. Services group; O.B.E. 1989 for services rendered to Franco-British trade; retired from P.W. 1992. Appointed M/D of the long-established Brussels think- tank the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) followed by a similar position at the newly formed European Policy Centre (EPC) which involved extensive travel around the world to lecture on the Common Market. Finally strung up my boots around 2000.

Married 11 May 1964 Michèle Genevieve. Three children, one of whom died in a mountaineering accident in the Pyrenees, four grandchildren, two in Belgium and two in Sydney.

What a super time you have had rummaging in your garage! Clearly St Peter's left you with many happy memories and it is wonderful to be able to place them on these pages. I hope that this might encourage others to do something similar and email me with their's.
Roland E King
Old Boy 1943-48
Posted 22nd August 2011
I was surprised and delighted to receive your letter. I had no idea that an association of old St Peterites had been formed, nor that it had evidently been formed some time ago. Had I known this, I would have informed you of four 49ers who met in my house some five years ago to celebrate our reaching the ripe old age of 75. These were: Barry Wylam (Stratford on Avon) who regrettably passed away earlier this year; Michael "Edgibo" Edgington (Provence) and Peter "Alex" Alexander (Hamburg).
There was one other whom we missed, namely Alan Lipscomb, but I'm not sure if he qualified age-wise. He had two brothers Robert and Peter, who also went to Winchester.
In 2003 I developed paralysis of my two legs and became wheelchair bound from then on. Needless to say this has severely restricted my travel.
I compliment you on this initiative which has led me down memory lane and happy memories!
With my best regards, Roland E King

Glad that you have now found out about the existence of this Association although rather late in the day! No record of Wylam, Edgington or Alexander on our database but the Lipscombe family are all there but not re-registered - yet!
Rev Ian Scott-Thompson
Old Boy 1965-70
Posted 11th July 2011
I drove around it (St Peter's site) a few years ago, trying to work out what used to be where, but the housing has obliterated most things.

I went on to Wellington, did double Maths and Physics at A level, had a summer working in Berlin, then went up to Christ Church Oxford to read Physics. Had a great time there, became a Christian at one of their triennial Missions, met my wife Jane, and went down to work two years for Plessey Electronic Systems Research near Havant. Meanwhile I was considering ordination, and after two years married Jane at Oxford and moved to Nottingham for 3 years training. Then curacies at Hartley Wintney near Basingstoke and Bitterne in Southamption, followed by incumbencies at Iford in Bournemouth, Cove in north-east Hampshire, Wonersh just south of Guildford, and from 2010 at Marks Tey near Colchester. Two girls Jenny (24, working for Accenture) and Rachel (21, reading Product Design at Brunel University). That's me!

Thanks Ian. Potted biographies like this will be of interest to those who knew you. We want more from others, please!!
Graham Turner
Old Boy 19??-36
Posted 3rd July 2011
We are sorry to report that GRAHAM TURNER passed away on Sunday, 3rd July 2011. Graham was a boy at the school up until 1936 and contributed two chapters to the booklet "The Early Years" including 'Some Personalities of the Thirties' and the 'Epilogue'. You will find them in Memorabilia. Our commiserations go to his family and friends. A notice appeared in the Telegraph on 7th July as follows -

Eric Graham Turner, much loved husband of Doris, father of David and the late Patty.
Royal Marines 1941-50, mentioned in dispatches 1945, Life President of Barnes Cricket
Club and former President and Chairman of the Club Cricket Conference.
Funeral at 2 p.m. July 11th at St Mary's Church, Windmill Lane, East Grinstead.
Family flowers only, donations please to Friends of Stildon, Brendoncare Home
c/o Funeral Directors Ballard & Shorthall, Homelea, Lingfield Road, Forest Row (01342 322469).

If anyone knew him and would like to add to this information, please contact Stephen Kent.
David Willcocks
Old Boy 1962-67
Posted 21th April 2011
Some how your letter back in January fell behind a radiator, had no idea that the site existed and hope that it is a success.I note that John Gillett has posted a message, I saw him at the Rose Theatre in a production caled The Hut, plus Robert Portal and enjoyed a couple of drinks with them after. I was at St Peter's from 62-67 and my 2 best mates very John's older brother, Charlie and Moreton Cowie, who tradically died as did his brother from a heart failure.Still speak with Charlie and post Uni played Cricket with him until he went to Oz.Memories of St Peters are many not least being beaten on my Birthday for acting like Bob Monkhouse in a lesson taken by Commander Aiken (Axten I think you mean!) and anorther time, along with the whole dormitory being beaten by Major Browell on a Sunday morning, for ragging,after seeing a Tarzan film the previous evening- funny looking back but mostly fond memories.Part of the reason for the e mail is that my Dad took a whole lot of cine film- sports day 66 or 67 not sure which, which i have converted to CD. Not sure how you could use it, but many faces including the Masters.

Hope to get hold of this cine and perhaps get it onto the web-site which would be great.
Howard Talbot
Old Boy 1956-61
Posted 11th April 2011
I have had contact from Howard's wife, Christine, who reports that Howard unfortunately suffered a bad stroke a couple of years ago which has led to complications leaving the poor chap unable to see and ultimately suffering from vascular dementia. Chris has been kind enough to tell us what Howard has been doing since leaving St Peter's. "We married in '72 and have two daughters and a son and now have three grandaughters. Howard was a very talented artist specialising in military miniatures and birds (the feathered variety!). His main passion, however, was history and in particular the English Civil War. He spent his life researching and transcribing family documents from that time and re-enacting Civil War battles with the Sealed Knot (on the Royalist side naturally!) We still live in Aston, though not at the lodge but in an old cottage that Howard rebuilt in the eighties. Our family all live in the village which is lovely."

Thank you Chris and we all wish the very best for Howard and his family.
Robin Jennings
Old Boy 1932-36
Posted 10th March 2011
Career included Royal Corp of Signals – Captain, English Electric Co Ltd, Omerdean Properties Ltd, then (and now) Omerdean Management Ltd

One of our older 'old boys'. Thanks for sending back the form and making sure your contact details are correct.
Nick Smith
Old Boy 1963-68
Posted 10th March 2011
I have just strayed onto the School website for the first time and have been enjoying an indulgent wander down memory lane fueled by some of the great collection of photographs. I will see if I have any to contribute and get back to you. How do you like them to be delivered - scanned or copies? Please let me know. I have sent you my contact details. My potted history for those who might be interested is that after St Peter's I went to Charterhouse and then did a brief spell in journalism in the westcountry before embarking on a career in television and film making. Today I still live in glorious Devon with my wife Fenella and two boys Jasper and Sasha where I have my own production company making commercials, documentaries and comedies - an eclectic mix! I often wonder what became of my contemporaries so it's great to find the website. I remember Michael Kavanagh who I see contributes to your message board and recognise many of the faces in the photos - indeed I think I even found one of myself which I have never seen before. I played Shylock in the Merchant of Venice so if the photo of the play is the one from the mid to late sixties it's probably me holding the knife!
Great to get in touch.
Wishing you every success with the website and old boy network.

Photos can be scanned or copied. If there is a choice, scanned JPG files are best. If you can remember names, please provide a key. Looking forward to whatever you have got.
Timothy Drabble
Old Boy 1943-48
Posted 28th February 2011
I started off at Castle Hill until the end of the War. I recently went back there. It brought back mixed memories, mainly happy ones. After the return to Seaford in October 1945, life was different - no climbing trees and lovely views.

Any recent pictures of Castle Hill?
John Badcock (Maj Gen)
Old Boy 1932-36
Posted 18th February 2011
Played football, cricket and shot for the school. Remember skating on the Cuckmere and bathing from the pebbled beach. School train set in Gym (Bring your own engine!). Thunderstorms at night up the Channel, Cold plunge in morning.
Because our families were related, Robin Jennings and I have kept in touch throughout our lives. Our paths kept on meeting although we went on to different Schools (he to Marlborough, I to Sherborne) and by chance joined R Signals and the same unit during and immediately after the War. I became a Regular and he made his way in civilian life, mainly in property management.

John has kindly sent some photos from 1934 to 1936 which are now uploaded into the 30s section of the School & Team photos.
Roger Ellis
Old Boy 1938-43
Posted 18th February 2011
I arrived during the Munich crisis, and remember trying to dig trenches in the flinty soil. Spent the summer of 1940 in the Nare Head Hotel, and moved on to Castle Hill Filleigh in the autumn.

Good to have memories of that period.
Manuel de Souza-Girao
Old Boy 1979-82
Posted 10th February 2011
I would v much like to get in contact with Peter King who was most helpful to me

Not on the database but if anyone knows of his whereabouts please let us know or get him to sign up (fill in the contact form) so that Manuael can get into contact.
Rob Rayner
Old Boy 1957-1962
Posted 9th February 2011
My bother Pel was Rayner 1 and 18 months older. He’s not interested in reunions but I am going to forward him the St Peters email.
I tentatively joined friends reunited but didn’t take it any further and they sent me something mentioning the names Colin Elliott and Jeremy Leathers.
I don’t think I have many photos but will try to post any I have, and will try to get a loan of any that Pel may have.
I am very annoyed not to be visible on the school photo of 1960 – I think I might have had to go an eye hospital because I had been playing French tennis with someone who slammed the tennis ball into my eye. It’s interesting how quickly you can put a name to a face almost immediately after all these years.
The Harry Browell photos are brilliant and make me cry! Such evocative memories. I went to visit after they had knocked the school down and built those awful houses and cursed them for being on the ground where I had scored goals on the football ground. Is it possible to make copies of those photos?
I look forward to seeing you at the July reunion.

Please do spread the word - and to anyone else you have contact with. Who hit the ball into your eye - maybe someone might own up? Feel free to right click on the photos and copy them into wherever you want them or to print off. See you at the MAY reunion 2012 - not July!
Adrian Akers-Douglas
Old Boy 1952-1957
Posted 17th January 2011
Many congratulations on the St Peter’s website, brought to my attention by Catharine (née Browell), with whom I fell hopelessly – but sadly, unrequitedly - in love when she joined the school in about 1956! We have stayed in touch through the years.
The photos taken by Catharine’s father, Harry Browell are really excellent. I echo others’ sentiments – is there any way that you can allow the school photos to be enlarged, to help the recognition process?
Does anyone have enough info to have a ‘Staff’ section, devoted to the masters, matrons, etc?
It’s sad that nothing remains of the school. They might, at least, have named one of the roads in the housing estate ‘St Peter’s’. Even the ‘Black Cat’ has disappeared.
I’ll pass on details of the site to my brother, Frank. He works in the city and may be in contact with other old boys.
Best wishes with the project, and thank you for taking it on.
Always open to ideas on improving this web-site. Just may take a while to carry out but I am sure you are right about being able to enlarge the main school photos (they are intentionally shrunk to speed up the loading but perhaps could create links to higher definition copies for those wanting to be reminded what we really looked like!). Also agree about a lack of any evidence of St Peter's existence. I wondered about an attempt to erect, if nothing else, a plaque on any remnant of what is left even if it is on the wall surrounding the estate. I am tempted to take a trip down there after I retire later this year and see what can be found but I suspect Tim Farebrother (living just down the road) can do that any time.
Matthew Pragnell
Old Boy 19xx-19xx?
Posted 13th & 24th January 2011
We have been living in the Caribbean for 15 years now - I have offices in 4 islands but home is Jamaica. I am in London 3 or so times a year where we keep a flat and our boys are 'educating' (2 now at university and one still at Shrewsbury). It would be great to catch up.
Look forward to meeting - soon I hope.
Football (perhaps the worst 1st's goalie in school history - letting in 9 vs St Bedes#, Rugger, Choir in Queen of Spades), etc. Contemporaries included Lines brothers, Cooper, Rivington, Lawrence, Goldsworthy, Younghusband. Masters/Staff included MHF, HJF, Winco, Chapman, Clarkie, Bailleu.
We seem to hear more from those who live abroad more than those in the UK!
Penelope Steele (nee Browell)
Old Boy (Girl actually) 19xx-19xx?
Posted 14th January 2011
This is Penelope ( Browell ) Old Girl number 2! - congratulations and many thanks - I had seen some of it (the Photographs) before, via a link from Peter Plugge - and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at them - so have our children (3) - fascinating.
I have spent quite some time trying to compress some vital documents which I thought you might like for the website ........... MHF's DATE LISTS !
I knew I had been keeping them for some reason or other - perhaps this is it ?! I thought I was reasonably computer-savvy for a 59 year old! but all my attempts have ended in tears (not really!) with the attachments being far too big, or not clear enough - so if you want them, I can send hard copies - Let me know - they represent some of my most VIVID memories of St Peters - the Dreaded Date Test ! - I scored 2% one year I remember !!! - surely a cane-able offence ! but not for GIRLS Ha Ha!
I so enjoyed my time there - At that age, boys were so much more fun than girls. When I moved to Girl's school after I wasn't able to take my shirt off playing football like all you boys, it was all quite a culture shock!
I live in Adelaide South Australia now with my husband David, whose a happily retired farmer - although not so happy at the moment, as I am taking every opportunity to enjoy the Magnificently Triumphant English Cricket team's visit! Rule Britannia !
I have other print-outs from St Peter's - 'Parables' 'Miracles' 'Old Testament History' - even some of my father's exam papers ! I get a smile out of them !
I would love to think I could get to a reunion - I came with my mother one year back in the early 90s - who knows.
All the best - and thanks again.
Nel ( Steele ) - formerly Penelope Browell.
Great to get an email from one of the Browell girls and glad she is still as feisty - must be St Peter's influence rather than marrying an Aussie boy! Sorry to say I can match her 2% on a History exam - for spelling my name right!
Christopher Wentworth-Stanley
Old Boy 1970-1974
Posted 12th January 2011
I was so glad to come across the St Peter's website - I stumbled across it by chance as a matter of fact - and have passed the link on to my brothers. I will encourage my brothers Michael, Nicholas and Adrian to register.
Attached are 2 school photographs I have found. I also have a 1974 one but that was made as a panorama so difficult to scan except in two parts. Please let me know if you would like this too. Is there some way one can enlarge the photographs on the website so one can see the faces better?.
The group photographs you have under "School & Team Photos - 1970s" must all be from 1975. All those shown are contemporaries of mine (I took CE a year early: 1974 instead of 1975).
With all best wishes for this excellent project.
Bobby Back, the drawing master, was an enormous influence on my life - I was a professional painter until about 10 years ago - and I copied these two obituaries out some time ago which might be interesting for the archives. When I was at St Peter's I had no idea he'd had such an interesting life! Click here for the Obituaries.
Christopher Wentworth-Stanley
Photos and corrections duly made and obituaries added above. Many thanks
Hugh Rivington
Old Boy 1968-1973
Posted 14th January 2011
What an excellent job has been done by Hugh and Stephen. I have very fond memories of St Peter’s, its excellent facilities and all the people who made up its community. My brother Michael was there before me (1961 – 66) and my father Christopher from 1928 – 33. Is he the oldest living Old Boy (most surely not – but who is?)
Hugh Rivington (1968 – 73).
Yes - who is it that is older? Looking forward to hearing from that person.
Ivan Scholte
Old Boy 1970-1975
Posted 14th December 2010
Very happy to see the St Peter's website up and running. We have been looking at the photos with great interest as we all have such fond memories of the place.
We attach a couple of photos from the 1930's a decade for which there has not been much posted yet.
The School photo was from July 1938 and the Shooting Eight was from Winter 1939. Owen Scholte seated middle row on the left.
There may be more pics somewhere in the attic so will forward them once located.
In the meantime, we look forward to hearing news about the next reunion.
With best wishes,
Owen Scholte 1937-1940, Ivan Scholte 1970 - 1975, Matthew Scholte 1972- 1974

The pictures are now posted onto the School Photos and Teams section of the Photo Gallery
Simon Brown
Old Boy 1975-1980
Posted 7th December 2010
Simon has written a long and interesting piece recounting many happy memories of his time at St Peters.
Rather then making this page overly huge, Web-master has created a pdf file and can be viewed by clicking on the link here Simon Brown memories pdf
Michael Kavanagh
Old Boy 1964-1968
Posted 14th Nov 2010
I've just discovered that the celebrated band leader Edmundo Ros is 100 years old next month which fact may not seem very relevant to St Peters until one remembers that his son Douglas is an Old Boy. He can be seen in the 1961 school photo, just below The Lord Bailieu. I remember him vaguely. I suspect you may remember him better. Looking at Facebook, the pic for Douglas Ros is obviously him.
I remember Douglas Ros as well. He was in my dormitory (Marlborough) in one of my senior terms and I even have a photo. Next time I am in the eaves, I shall look it out! Ed
Guy Grimston
Old Boy 1970s
Posted 10th Oct 2010
I have been looking with great interest at the St Peters website that you have so painstakingly put together, it is very interesting and brings back many good memories, I will have to trawl through my deep storage of photos and see what I have that may be of interest. It is strange how even after all this time I can put so many names to faces, I wonder how they all look nearly 40 years on!!
The school choir photograph from 1975 is not as it seems, it is I recall the school officers’ photo from that year, most of the names in the photo I can recall

Thanks for the correction - unless someone wishes to contradict?? Enjoy the trawl through your deep storage.
John Gillett
Old Boy 1967-1971
Posted 8th Oct 2010
Robert Portal has just alerted me to your site, and quite a shock it has been to both our systems. Decades reduced to rubble as we were borne back to the sixties and seventies. Extraordinary. I was at St Peter's from 1967 to 1971. I came from Yemen with my brother Charles, who had his last term at St Peter's at the same time as I had my first. Our father, Tony, was also at the school. I think between 1935 and 1940. A few years ago I risked a trip to Seaford and saw the large housing estate that is what St Peter's was. It put me in mind of a scene in the film Dr Zhivago, where the doctor returns to his family home, to find it housing tens of Russian families, who've appropriated it during the revolution. Zhivago nods sadly and mutters mollifyingly: "Quite right. A better use of space."
I'm in touch with David Wilcox, who left in 1967. But that's about it. If there is a reunion in the future I'd love to attend, as I know would Robert Portal. Thank you for setting up the site. You've brought back many memories. I'd imagine I've got some photos of that time lurking somewhere if you want any more.
Great to hear from you - do continue to spread the word and please send us your contact details.
Robert Portal (Bertie)
Old Boy 1975-1980
Posted 7th Oct 2010
Robert Portal now in contact.
Great to hear from you. Please let us know your contact details.
James Kirkpatrick
Staff 1959-1964
Posted 7th Oct 2010
Greeting! Yes, it's me! How did you get my email? Yes, I remember you so well, and regret that moving to Wellington in '64, marrying Suzanne, bringing up two children - 45 and 40 now - and then some years at King William's College, Isle of Man caused me not to keep up better.
From 74 to 92 I was at King Edward's School Witley, near Godalming, Surrey; took early retirement then and started a private teaching practice in Arundel, W. Sussex. I did a lot of International Music Examining for the Associated Board.
Meanwhile my teaching had dribbled to very little and I got a job as Musical Director at St. Wilfrid's Church Bognor. I have an organist and a semi decent organ.I got a little black lab. bitch.
I sold my house in Middleton in July to down size, particularly gardenwise and sold my grand piano, but can't move into my new - show house - until Nov. 8th.. A new upright is waiting in the wings!
James Kirkpatrick started me off with the Frech Horn at St Peters and I was determined to try to find him. Amazing this internet thing for finding people you thought you would never see or hear of again. I shall be in touch with James and hope to meet up some time. Hopefully this web-site will bring lots of old chums together again.
Richard Rastall
Staff 1959-1960
Posted 1st Oct 2010
I was delighted to come across your website for St Peter's alumni recently, and write to congratulate you on a very good-looking and informative site. It was a huge pleasure to read a brief history of the school and to see so many photographs of people that I knew well but have no personal record of. For your own record, I taught at St Peter's in the year 1959-60.
My contact with St Peter's is now an indirect one - Kay Richardson, mother of Tim and Hugo, whom I taught at St Peter's and privately. As it happens, I was doing a show at the Hexham Festival last Monday, and visited Kay on Tuesday. She brought out the school photograph for 1960 to show me - what I remembered all too well! - myself as a callow youth on the back row, with Tim Richardson easily recognisable (but we couldn't find Hugo, who seems to be absent from that one). Looking through the photograph I saw many well-remembered faces, including your own, though I found it difficult to put names to them. (I sometimes remembered facts about the boys concerned, however.)
Returning home that evening I decided to track down some people, and started with Harry Browell. All I came across - but what a goldmine! - was a link to his photographs, and thus to your website. That ended my search almost before it had begun: it was way past midnight before I stopped reading the site and went to bed.
I don't know if staff come within your purview, but I'd love to know what happened to various people that I knew. Some have died, I know, and others would be an amazing age if they are still alive. And are Tim and Hugo Richardson among your records? If not, I shall certainly send Kay the URL to pass on to them. I'm also copying Tim Farebrother into this message, as I've lost track of him and Nigel (whom I knew at Malvern, of course, not at St Peter's).
Glad you found us and also glad that it has prompted you to get into contact and seek out those whom you knew some years ago.
If there are any photos that Kay Richardson (or Tim/Hugo) would like to lend me that are suitable for the web-site I would be happy to receive, scan and return to her. Likewise, maybe you have some?
In the mean time we hope quite soon to circulate the membership (and past teachers are equally welcome) to try to revitalise the Association.
Can anyone tell us where Hugh and Tim Richardson are?
Michael Kavanagh
Old Boy 1964-1968
Posted 20th Aug 2010
I was at St Peters between 1964 and 1968 and have often wondered what happened after the school closed. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Like many, I rather lost touch. Many congratulations on the web site - a really great idea. Your request for photographs reminds me that there's never a bad time to start clearing out one's attic/garden shed/garage! I shall endeavour to find some - eventually.
Please let me know of any reunions. Also, which of Tim or Nigel Farebrother had the souped-up Morris Minor 1000? My money is on Nigel...
Perhaps others might wish to start looking through their attics!! Ed
Angus Sutherland
Old Boy 1981-1982
Posted 19th Aug 2010
What a great idea!! - I logged into friendsreunited for the first time in years and saw your link the old boys website of St Peters, what a sudden rush of emotions seeing that old building again, I drove down to the old site several years back and the old school flint wall was all that remained....
I was there for a short time only from 1981 to closure in class 'Shell B' with such people (names I can remember) as Edward Gower-Isaacs, Simon Bunker, Adam Chitty, the three Jones brothers, Justin Hedden, the two Bell brothers, Felix Warre, Barnham Palahvi, Butler, Petherham and many others. I've tried in vain to track down the old boys club and would really love to attend the next gathering and 'get on the list'. I also have several old photo's from when I was there and would be very happy to send these to you for posting if you deem suitable for the website, will have to dig them out from the big box in the loft and get scanning!
So glad that you've set this up, I had to do my final year at St Neot's Eversley after the school closed and moved on from there to Clifton College but always look back at my time in St Peters as the best year or so of my school days :)
Anyone have any contact details for these chaps?
Dominic Gould
Old Boy 1977-1982
Posted 16th Aug 2010
Charlie Huntington forwarded me details of the new webiste...brilliant idea.. I was at St Peters from 1977 till its close in 1982 and have very fond memories. Very sad to have missed the reunion in May but hopefully now I can be on the list for the next one!
I do have a few photographs somewere, taken in the last summer term in 1982, which I will try and dig out.
Looking forward to receiving some photos. Ed
Manuel de Souza-Girao
Old Boy 1979-1982
Posted 3rd Aug 2010
Barzegar Alidad told me about this great initiative your are leading -- congrats!
I was at St Peters from 1979 - 1982 when it closed, fond memories indeed
Plse add my name down for any events, or whatever you organise; add me to whatever lists you are collating
I will try to get hold of some photos that can added to your site
Looking forward to receiving some photos. Ed
Jonathan ES Clarke (Joff)
Old Boy 1958-1962
Posted 2nd Aug 2010
I was at St Peters twix 1958-1962
A member of Blue set, Member of the shooting eight
Stay in touch. Ed
Cate Browell
Old Girl (not many of those!) 1957-1960
Posted 2nd Aug 2010
I did not know there was a reunion on May 20! but I am very glad that it went well. I remember Stephen Kent. Thank goodness you are running the show now, with Hugh (Chapman).
Apart from leaving contact details, she also gave contact details for Hugh, Anthony and Nel, down under all of them! Great to hear from you, Cate
Hugh Champion
Old Boy 1958-1963
Posted 16th JUly 2010
Herewith a photo I have of "St Peter's at Eton 1967".
Having failed to get in to Eton myself, (Mike Farebrother having 'put me down' when I was 6 days old!), I look back at my St Peter's friends at the school I was too lazy to make the effort to get into, but nevertheless take some satisfaction that I made up for it by at least being able to afford to send my son there 20 years later!!
I have , but suspect you do too , a School photo for 1958 and 1963. The choir and Shooting Eight of Summer 1963. Some old school mags of the period. and a copy of the film made, in about 1961, by the BBC called " Happily to School".
I do indeed remember you. I was number 1 but I think you had a quite high the eighties??
Yes My grandfather started the Archery at St Peter's - Canon Farebrother - and my Father supported him when my parents came to stay with Mike, so either may have taught you. He was quite memorable being particularly large at 6ft 7in!! For your amusement I also enclose a photo of my father practising his archery at St Peter's, One of my Grandfather Canon Farebrother, one of Mike around that period, one of John Farebrother around 1985, and one of Annie Foan who used to provide rather good teas for special occasions at Little St Peter's. Annie was a Tweenie to my Great Grandparents, Housekeeper and Cook to my Grandparents and to Mike and looked after us children too - worked for the family for nearly 80 years!!
Hope this isn't boring but may jog an old memory of halcyon days!!
Keep 'em coming! Ed
Tim Farebrother
Old Boy 19xx-19xx
Posted 7th JUly 2010
Absolutely perfect and a grand start to the rejuvenation of the Association. My brother, Nigel, is helping draw up a short history of the school and between us we can supply you with photographs which will jog memories and give pleasure.
Funnily enough an old boy is coming to have lunch this Wednesday who is keen to pick up with old chums and I will make sure his details reach you.
Please do put my contact details up. I am having a meeting with Hugh on the 13th and I will get him to contact you direct with his.
My brother is also happy to supply you with his address etc.
May I say again how grateful I am to you for your initiative and help in all this. I am convinced it will make such a difference. I will be in touch.
You are a prime source of everything. Thanks. Ed


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