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Somewhat surprising, for a school that closed down a third of a century ago, we have found a number of items that we thought some of you might like to acquire.
So far the list is a little limited and we don't intend to expand it too much as we are not really shop-keepers (well, Tim Farebrother wouldn't claim to be!).
We are not intent on making a fortune by selling things but any surplus we do make over the cost of the items for sale is used to defer the running costs
of the Association (postage, web-site hosting, stationery etc.). This website has been built at no cost to the Association - Stephen Kent does it for
the fun of it - a glutten for punishment some may say!
If you have something that could be duplicated that might be of interest to others, we would be delighted to consider putting it here, do let us know.
We know most old boys missed out on the auction when everything was sold. It would be wonderful to include photos on the website of some of the most memorable items
such as the shell cases, school flag or a complete set of school uniform for a start!
It would be great to know where some of the most memorable items went.

The following items are available:

St Peter's Old Boys Tie.
Old Boys Tie

Transcription from the original film to DVD of "Willingly to School"
filmed Summer 1970.
Filmed as a marketing tool for the IAPS (Independent Association of Preparatory Schools),
this record of life at St Peters includes film record of many of those you probably knew
when at school as well as the school itself. It is priceless.

Willingly to School

Transcription of two records onto CD with Christmas Carols
from 1960 and Anthems and Carols from 1974.
CD Carols 1960 and 1974

Here is one track out of the sixteen to tempt you into purchasing this CD
"The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came"
Webmaster remembers this particularly with great affection from 1960
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Transcription of an LP made in 1976 called 'There is Delight in Singing'
This recording was made under the Direction of and accompanied by the Director of Music,
Nicholas P. Moor. Not sure who provided this but it was given to Tim Farebrother
at the Reunion held on 17th May 2012.
This CD contains some lovely singing by the St Peter's Choir.
1976 LP 'There is Delight in Singing'1976 LP 'There is Delight in Singing'

Here is one track out of the twelve to tempt you into purchasing this CD
"Won't you buy my pretty flowers" by G W Persley
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Transcription of an LP made in 1977 called 'Sixty Years On'
This recording is also priceless. It contains seven quality numbers sung, presumably, by the choir
and some recordings of voices including Marjorie Knox-Shaw, Mike, John and Margaret Farebrother,
Sybil Clark, the Haynes family and other staff and children around at the time.
Really it is quite haunting hearing all those voices from the past. Thanks to
Simon Brown who dug this out his garage!

1977 LP 'Sixty Years On'1977 LP 'Sixty Years On'

Here are two tracks out of the twelve to tempt you into purchasing the CD
"Wiegenlied" by Brahms
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and one of the tracks on the history of St Peter's.
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Transcription of two LPs onto one CD made on 18th May 1969 and 14th June 1970
containing recordings of "People's Service" that took place those days in St Peter's Chapel.
They feature Mark Hankey and the radio transmissions over the BBC on those days.

1969 and 1970 LPs 'The People's Service'

Christmas Card created by Tim Farebrother from a Stained Glass Window
made for St Peter's School Chapel in 1971. Artist - Arthur E Buss
Tim has arranged the printing of these cards using the stained glass window
that used to be in the school chapel. The artist was Arthur E Buss who was
chief artist at Goddard & Gibbs Studios until 1971 when he retired.
If you are interested, please contact Tim (see below for his contact details)
There is a standard message inside "With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year".
You can order any number from him although there is a minimum order of ten cards (and envelopes).
It is also possible, if you are ordering a quantity,
that a special print can be arranged for the inside with a different message and
you could include your name and address etc. Please contact Tim for a quotation.
Card size - 5" x 7"
Price - 1.00 each inclusive of Postage and packing to UK destinations.

Front and Back of card -
1971 Stained Glass Window' back of card of 1971 Stained Glass Window'

All these are available from Tim Farebrother whose address and
telephone number are as follows:
53 Hastings Drive,
East Sussex
BN25 3LQ
Tel No : 01323 893692 Email :

All items (except the Christmas Card) are priced at 15.00 each which includes postage and packing to UK addresses.
He will be happy to find out the cost of mailing to other countries in which case
please ask him before sending him a cheque. Cheques should be made payable to
"St Peter's Old Boys Association".


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