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These photos are general in nature and not covered by the other categories.

(Some photos are annotated with names, others you need to use your cursor to hover over each picture for a description.)
A large number of these photos were taken by TIM FAREBROTHER and we are grateful for him allowing us to show these on our website.


Mike Farebrother Rev Canon Farebrother H J Farebrother - Headmaster 1968-1982 John and Margaret Farebrother Mike Farebrother with Harry and Serena Browell BLT BLT + PKS + MHF John, Margaret and Mike Farebrother Annie Foan Comm SE Axten (Commax) Mr Champion James Kirkpatrick St Peters Staff Spring 1978 St Peters Staff early 1960s Clarkie Dr Reg Sutton Harry Browell and Reg Evans Reunion


Nicholas Previté found some old photos that his father left.
This one includes Mr Henderson (Headmaster) and Ms Falwasser (Matron)
with the school having a picnic at Cuckmere.
Picnic at Cuckmere

Pat Knox-Shaw in Study Floral Car 1946 - anyone know why? Snow Play 1946 Pantomime 1946 Pantomime (Robinson Crusoe) 1947 Barry Wylam Tobogganing Seaford Head 1947 Bike ride Summer 1948 A Midsummer Night's Dream about 1950 Mr Ballieu – BLT – Col Collins – Mr Norbury on Firl Beacon Sports Day 1951 Mothers and Fathers Races Sports Day 1952
Running races and Obstacle race Sports Day 1952 thanks to Mark Shawcross
Digging out the pool and the Opening Ceremony 1954 thanks to Mark Shawcross Midsummer Nights Dream 1954 thanks to Mark Shawcross Dining Room 1957 Form VIII Band Autumn 1958 Singers about 1959? - thank you Andrew Norman Scenes from The Crimson Coconut 1960 with Collins, Metcalf, Willis and Akers-Douglas. Thank you Andrew Norman
Orchestra Rehearsal 1960 Stephen Kent on his French Horn-playing 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring'?
Boys under instruction in the Gym 1963
Photo courtesy of Andrew Norman - Left to Right - Bevington 1 (Extreme left with glasses), Tim Saloman (face partially obscured), in front of Saloman is a boy whose name was Spring-Rice I think, MHF (back to the camera), M.A. Hutton-Williams (blond hair + glasses), Fitzsimon 2 (3/4 up the wallbars looking upwards, Fisk, Rivington (blond hair 3/4 the way up the wallbars), Bevington 2 (at top of wallbars making a thumbs up gesture), Barrow 2 (at top of wallbars), Andrew Norman (on the obstacle course heading towards MHF), William Hodgson (back to wall bars), Penelope Browell standing directly in front of Hodgson, and finally I think the boy who is behind me, also negotiating the obstacle course, is one of the Crockett brothers (the younger one I believe).
Form VIII Summer 1963 Ian Scott-Thompson writing his Sunday letter home (1965)
These three photos provided by Oliver Sells when he dropped into Hunstanton Aug 2014
The first is the only photo we have of children on the dreaded
School Train with James and Oliver Sells
James and Oliver Sells on the school train 27 Jan 1963
The second of James Sells writing home
James Sells writing home 1963 with ? Barrow looking on!
and the third of Andrew, James and Oliver Sells taken at their Cambridgeshire home in 1965
Andrew, James and Oliver Sells in Cambridgeshire 1965

Bowles - Sloth with tree 1966-7
Nicholas reports on the climbing at Bowles - the above overhang named
Sloth as you had to crawl along its underside like a sloth to get past
the overhang. This was renamed Sapper in the late 60s after it had broken. The picture
below of Peter Haig zip-wiring it down the wire at Bowles

Bowles Zipwire with Peter Haig 1966-7
The Lodge and Tennis Court 1966-7 The Swimming Pool 1966-7 Tug of War (Nicholas Burgess 2nd Right) 1966-7 CE Candidates (ex NB) Winter 1967 CE Candidates Winter 1967 Merchant of Venice 1970s Glyndebourne Queen of Spades La Boheme Glyndebourne 1973 Anthony and Cleopatra 1970s (thanks Jamie Jeeves) Julius Caesar 1976-7 thanks to James Brooke Midsummer Nights Dream 1978 rustics perform Pyramus and Thisbe
actor centre-stage is Harrison-Topham (from memory), the dead body is Jeremy Lucas, and the Queen (is it Hippolyta) is played by Hyde (can't remember first name, maybe Edward) Sports Day 1982 including Charlie Barrett, Mrs Barrett and HJF(top)
Tim Chappell & Reg Evans talking with Simon Bunker (bottom) and
Action Shots


Early Photo main school building The 1st Game Pavilion School from Entrance - early years School from Entrance - later years Postcard School Entrance Postcard Front of School 1950ish The School in the Snow The School from the playing fields (early) The School from the playing fields (early) The School from the playing fields (later) Inside the Chapel 1947 Swimming Bath postcard Nicholas Kitto's photo of the Chapel Chancel St Peter statue in the chapel The Chapel Front of the School Front of the School from Little St Peters Front of the School from Little St Peters garden Little St Peters Malvern Cottage Malvern Meadow 1969 Boys Passage


Duke - the Knox-Shaw's dog Katie - the Browell's dog Jaffir - MHF's dog Gubbins being fed Gubbins and Sibling waiting for tea MHF with Wol


St Peters at Eton Summer 1967


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